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beer dispenser for EURO 2020

Hot or cold ... We develop and produce cooling and on tap systems for liquids, i.e. for beer, carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, wine, mulled wine, tea and many more drinks. Our cooling systems are also used for once-through cooling and generating ice water in the chemical industry, in the food and beverages industry and, for example, for cooling fruit and vegetables. Powerful once-through water coolers, hot-drinks dispenser, python coolers, on tap systems and sealed systems are included in our huge variety of products. A consistent quality policy and perfect solutions for all applications make us one of the leading manufacturers in refrigeration technology and in the hot drinks area.

Our product categories

Beverage systems for beer
Alkoholfreie Getränke zapfen
Beverage systems for non- alcoholic drinks
Beverage systems for tabel water
Beverage systems for fruit-juice
Beverage systems for wine
Hot drink machines
Industrial cooling
Sausage slicer
Innovationen - Selbach
Innovative products

Beverage systems for beer


We offer the beer tap systems as dry or wet coolers. Besides the over and under counter coolers you can also get python coolers, mobile on tap systems and ready to use on tap systems. The beer tap systems are available for small up to very large on tap volumes, for example, for the Oktoberfest or big music festivals. You can obtain detailed information about our on tap beer systems from our shop.

Beverage systems for non-alcoholic drinks

AfG - Schanksysteme

We also offer the on tap systems for carbonated soft drinks as wet and dry coolers. We have over and under counter coolers, ready to use systems, mobile on tap systems and carbonators. We have the right system regardless of whether small or very large volumes are to be tapped. You can find detailed information about our on tap soft drink systems here in our shop.

Beverage systems for table water

dispenser for tablewater

Healthy, cool and sparkling soda water, always within reach, with our on tap soda water systems. We find solutions for every application whether it’s as an over counter appliance, under counter appliance or cabinet version. Environmentally-friendly and economical drinks systems developed and manufactured for your wellbeing. Find out more about the soda water systems in our shop.

Beverage systems for fruit-juice

Schankanlagen für Saft

Fruit juice dispensers for perfect juicy indulgence. The dispensers cool the drink using once-through cooling and room cooling. There’s plenty of space for drink bags inside the dispenser. We offer over and under counter coolers. More information in our shop.

Beverage systems for wine

Schankanlagen für Wein

Cooling and on tap systems for red wine, white wine and rosé wine. 3 drink lines as standard with different cooling. Thanks to the drink lines in varying lengths, it is possible to cool the different types of wines at different temperatures. The serving temperature of the coolest drink can be controlled using the thermostat. We offer the casing in the shape of a horizontal wine barrel or in a stainless steel version. Find out more details about our wine systems.

Beverage systems for hot drinks

Schankanlage für Glühwein

Serve professional hot drinks with our hot drink systems. Our instantaneous water heaters allow you to serve hot drinks, such as mulled wine, punch, tea, etc., in a time saving, flavour-preserving and user-friendly way. Instantly hot! We have been developing and producing our well-known over counter hot drinks equipment for more than 30 years. The season runs from October to February. You can find more interesting information about our hot drinks equipment here.

Cooling systems for industry

Kälteanlagen - Industrie

The cooling systems for the industrial sector are almost exclusively customised cooling systems. We have already developed and produced systems for the chemicals industry, dairies, the food industry, dough and pasta production and many more. We look forward to receiving your enquiry and are certain to find a professional and productive solution together.

Sausage slicer

Our company founder Friedhelm Selbach’s invention

Erfinder Friedhelm Selbach

The curried sausage slicer was invented by Friedhelm Selbach in 1963. Developed and produced in a small craft business back then, our CSS was the basis for how this medium-sized company grew later. The compact, solid stainless steel design concentrated on the most important components makes work much easier and ensures the slicer lasts a long time. Sausage products are sliced up in a few seconds and the cutting size can be adjusted. We will be happy to send you more documents about our curried sausage slicer.

Innovative products

Innovations and customised products


We are continuously developing ourselves and our products. The special customised systems make up approx. 80% of our production volume in the meantime. We have already designed systems for a host of different drinks and areas: yoghurt dispensers, shower once-through coolers, salt water coolers, glue coolers, craft beer coolers, vehicle coolers, drinks measures and many more. We are happy to provide you with an individual quote.