We are Selbach

Premium beverage systems and cooling systems for industry

Friedhelm Selbach GmbH is a medium-size company in "Bergisches Land". Here in Radevormwald we produce cooling- and beverage systems for every need. We are very proud of our special customer units. Together with our customers we develop and plan the neccessary cooling systems. Wether a big cooling system for 500 litres outpout or a shower cooler for a bath room in Mallorca, we do almost everything possible. Well known are our hot drinks machines for mulled wine, Jagertee, punch or cocoa. If you look around the christmas markets, you will find almost everywhere our hot drinks dispenser.

Our products in many different areas of application

mulled wine on christmas markets
Christmas markets/ booths
mobile beverage systems
Cinema controller for soft drinks
tower in modern design
beer bar for outdoor events
Beer gardens
Begleitkühlung für die Industrie
Industrial cooling

Historical highlights

1974 - 1981

First steps

The sole proprietorship R. Selbach started production in 1974. The production of cooling coils began. Everything was still very small. The production facility used to be a factory garage in the Lindenstraße in Radevormwald. Friedhelm Selbach took over the company in 1979 and bought a property in the Heisenbergstraße. The first production hall emerged. The company moved over to Heisenbergstraße in 1981.

Selbach - Schankanlagen Historie 
Selbach - Zapfanlagen Historie 

1984 - 1992

Founding of the Friedhelm Selbach GmbH

In 1984 the Friedhelm Selbach GmbH was founded. Meanwhile the production of dispenser moved into the foreground, instead of cooling coils. The high-quality products were popular, so in the time between 1983 and 1988, the production area expanded up to 1.200 square meters. Next up was the creation of the office block and the storage hall. In 1992, more employees needed space, so the office block on the 2nd floor was built. The by Friedhelm Selbach in 1963 invented “sausage cutter” was a bestseller. Back in the day, up to 1.000 famous sausage cutters where sold per year.

1996 - 2000

We keep on growing

In 1996 began the expansion of the production halls and the administrative premises for another 3.000 square meters. The high-bay warehouse with 1.700 square meters was put into operation. Torsten Selbach, who has been helping his father ambitiously over the last few years, took over managing the company in the year 2000.

Selbach - Lagerhalle 
Selbach - Produktion 

2013 til today

There is no standing still

With Torsten Selbach taking over the company, the expansion of the export area happened bit by bit. Investions – like the fully automatic creasing station in 2013 – and the continous development of our products are self-evident. To create and produce a high quality product - oriented at the needs of our customers – is what the entire Selbach-Team stands for.

Our philosophy

Good is not good enough for us

our philosophy

Friedhelm Selbach GmbH stands for quality products for drinks on tap and industrial cooling. Individualised product design, 80% customised products as well as 100% Made in Germany is our motto.

Our expertise:

  • Cooling unit construction
  • Production depth
  • Development / design
  • Pinpoint design
  • Independent
employees - Selbach

Medium-size family company
with 70 employees

circulating cooler - Selbach

> 12.000 production units for
flow-through coolers p. year
5.200s qm productin area

warehouse - Selbach

1.700 qm warehouse area
High-bay warehouse 13 meter height