Current information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic

Dear Costumers,

in the last few days we have gotten a lot of requests regarding the impact of the Coronavirus of the current Situation and our delivery capability. At the moment there is no disruption of the business or the delivery of machines and spare parts. SELBACH is prepared to keep the possible negative implications of the pandemic as low as possible, so that we can continue with our regular business performance.

Orderly business operations and the well-being of customers and employees are in the very best interests of our company. We therefore meet the challenges with the greatest possible conscientiousness while minimizing the damage.

  • A "Task Force", in which all relevant business divisions are represented, analyzes the current risk situation in the company as well as the delivery possibility from a day-to-day basis. In the process, there are measures and strategies for different types of crisis created and implemented.

  • The recommended organizational and personal prevention measures are being applied constantly.

  • Our employees are working in shifts – we created two groups, which cover all of our departments.

  • The reception of costumers, suppliers and other visitors, as well as the travel activities of our own employees has been restricted to the minimum. We still offer support and consultation over the phone as well as over video conferences.

  • Our high range of self-manufactured products in combination with our long term inventory strategy for important materials ensures maximum flexibility, which is why SELBACH is not as affected when it comes to possible supply shortages.

As of right now our ability to deliver is ensured. Although we can’t say for sure that we won’t be affected at all, even after taking all these measures, because of how quickly the Coronavirus is spreading.

We are assessing the situation with costumers, suppliers and the government continuously and are trying our best to keep the consequences for our business partners as low as possible.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions: We are always ready to bring our capacities back up completely, and we are looking forward for restaurants and beer gardens to open up again, pubs coming back to life and - finally - events taking place again.

Until then, we stand by your side!

With best regards,
your SELBACH-Team