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Glühwein, Punsch, Tee


Serve and dispense hot drinks at the press of a button


3 lines for hot drinks in different portion sizes

Portionierung HOTSHOT

colour display with touchscreen function (for display and settings)

Glühwein HOTSHOT

height-adjustable drip tray

Portionierer für Punsch

dispenser plus accessory pack available

Advantages for Your Bar or Pub

The HOTSHOT Hot Drinks Dispenser has mastered the power of three…

Would you like 0.2 - 0.3 or 0.4 litres of mulled wine? Or a hot cocoa with consistently the same amount of amaretto? With the HOTSHOT Dispenser, you can program up to three drinks in three different portion sizes each. Alongside various drinks sizes (small, medium, large, children’s portions etc.), you can also guarantee that the exact amount of the beverage gets to the cup that you want. Additionally, you can even program serving breaks.


Keeping your options open…

With the HOTSHOT Hot Drinks Dispenser, operators can program the portion sizes using the touchscreen and, in case of emergency, interrupt the serving process. In addition, the operator can also undertake extra operations via coded access: pumps can be switched on and off, the pump speed regulated between 30 and 100%, and the portion size can also be programmed. If desired, data can also be requested – including the number of portions which have been poured, among other information.


For the optimal temperature control…

With the HOTSHOT Dispenser, a processor electronically manages the temperature. The drinks are heated evenly and gently. In “standby mode”, the temperature is maintained; the heating switches itself on and off as required. This enables the drink to be optimally heated at any time at optimum power consumption.


Maximum efficiency during the cold winter…

The high efficiency is reflected in the fact that the HOTSHOT Dispenser is ready to use within approx. 5 minutes and that up to 100 litres’ worth of hot drinks can be poured in one hour without a problem. This means that every customer will be warm at heart, while drinks can continue to be poured non-stop in different portion sizes.


Everything included…

Thanks to the integrated electrical pumps, the HOTSHOT Dispenser is ready for operation immediately (up to 5 m cable length and a height difference of up to 1 m). The beverage hoses, riser tubes, perforated sleeves, as well as an initial stock of cleaning sachets, are all included as part of the delivery as a “complete package”.

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Hot beverage systems in stainless steel or as "barrel"

Glühwein, Punsch, Tee
Glühweinerhitzer Vulcano

our best-seller: Vulcano with 3 beverage lines and with electric beverage pump

Heisses Fässchen

Hot barrel, housing: synthetic black, 2 beverage lines

gasbetriebenes OTHG

Vulcano with 3 beverage lines and with gas-powered beverage pump

Holzfass für Glühweinausschank

Wooden barrel with 2 beverage lines and with electric beverage pump

Serve mulled wine, punch etc. quickly and easily

Electrical or gas-powered drinks pumps?

Our machines with electrical drinks pumps are extremely practical and quickly ready to use. Connect the drinks hose to the machine, place the other end of the hose in the drink container and serve. This machine version is always ideal if the drink container and machine are not far apart: maximum cable length 5 metres, maximum height difference 1 metre.

Our machines with gas-powered drinks pumps also need CO2, compressed air or nitrogen to pump the drink. The cable length for this can then be up to a maximum of 10 metres, the height difference 3 metres maximum. CO2 consumption: approx. 0.7 kg per 100 l drink with 2.5 bar.

Anschluss othg elektrische Pumen
Anschluss othg mit gasbetriebenen Pumpen


The right temperature setting for various drinks

The maximum permissible processing temperature should not be exceeded with drinks that contain protein or milk. “Burning” must be strictly avoided to protect the machine. Mulled wine, on the other hand, can be served really hot (e.g. approx. 85°C). The temperature button on the machine displays the different temperature ranges. Making it really easy to set the right temperature.

Temperatureinstellung OTHG


Practical: machine and accessories as a package

We offer our hot drinks machines as both individual machines and as a practical “package”. This means all the accessories you need are also included.

Karton mit OTHG und Zubehör

Well protected, securely packaged - the package versions of our hot drink machines

OTHG im Karton offen

Everything for seamless operation: machine at the bottom of the box, accessories on top of it

Karton othg offen

Easy unpacking of machine and accessories since the cardboard cover can easily be pulled off upwards.

OTHG im Karton

Accessories for a machine with electric drink pump:
Beverage hoses/ Perforated sleeves (filtering of solid particles)/ Riser tubes
(for extraction of drinks from container/canister, etc.)/ C-wrench/ Hose clamps/ Cleaning agent

Zubehör OTHG
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