Tips and tricks.

We would like to reveal a few tips and tricks about on tap and cooling systems here. Before buying an on tap system you’re bound to ask yourself how will I recognise a good system? We will assist you! Or how is a beer actually served correctly for it to taste perfect? We give you a few tips on this.

We hope you will find some ideas for drinks, on tap systems and more here.

Quality of a dispensing system

What do you need to know when purchasing a beverage dispensing system?

Several points should be checked when purchasing a dispensing system. Mistakes can be made quickly here, endangering the dispensing of a tasty beverage.

Keg cooling
The refrigerating rooms should be designed so that, in addition to the kegs used per day, at least as many beverage containers can be kept there for pre-cooling. If no larger cold storage is available (e.g. for outdoor events), beer bars can be used. In addition to flow-through cooling, these also feature space cooling.

Circulating coolers
The circulating coolers are offered with various outputs. Coolers should be selected which also maintain the drinking temperature during peak through-puts.

Python up to tap
For dispensing-related reasons, a line python and tap cooling are recommended. The python must be provided with good and above all condensed-water-free insulation. This should be ensured when selecting the font.

The cooling unit should be located as close as possible to the font. Long cooling lines are more complicated to operate and clean.

A glass can easily be filled at a good dispensing system at all times. Especially after drawing breaks, faults, e.g. heavy foaming, must not occur. And drawing must be consistently good over the entire tapping period.

Cold storage

Cold storage in cellar



Tower with python

Tower with python

Drawing a beer well

How do you tap a beer correctly?

The dispensing system must be adjusted so that the beer runs out of the tap smoothly and bubble-free.


  • The cleaned, pre-rinsed, cool glass is held at an angle under the spout.
  • The tap is quickly opened completely. The beer runs into the glass at its tilted rim. During filling the glass is gradually moved into the upright position until the resulting foam reaches up the rim of the glass.

Finish drawing

  • Close the tap and set down the glass for approx. 1 minute. The foam settles and begins to become firm.
  • Then hold the glass under the tap at an angle again and allow the beer to "slide down" at the rim of the glass. Now the glass should be both correctly filled and provided with a nice head of foam, but should not overflow. Most of our taps are equipped with a so-called foam button. By pressing the tap handle towards the rear, it's very easy to put on a perfect head of foam.

The spout should never be held in the beverage while drawing a beer. Unfortunately, this is frequently done during drawing! First of all, this is of course unhygienic (even if the spout is cleaned regularly) and prevents the drawing process from being carried out perfectly.

Possible mistakes

  • The tap is not opened quickly and completely. Heavy foaming results.
  • The stream of beer is directed at the bottom of the glass from a great height. This also causes the beer to foam heavily.
  • Dry glasses are used. Heavy foaming and gas bubbles result.


Allow foam to settle

Allow foam to settle

Complete correctly

Complete correctly


Enjoy a perfectly served beer