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Our friendly sales team will be pleased to help you choose the right dispensing or cooling system. We have professional staff who can quickly and directly assist you further for every area. We look forward to talking with you.


Leitung Vertrieb

Christoph Weiland

Head of Sales/ Administration

Phone +49 2195 6801-0
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Vertrieb Frankreich

Sylvie Heinold

Sales Germany, France and Benelux

Phone +49 2195 6801-112
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Laureen Hugo

Sales Germany and Export

Phone +49 2195 6801-114
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Einkaufsleitung - Selbach

Frank Siebelhoff

Purchasing Manager

Phone +49 2195 6801-121
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Einkauf Edelstahl

Jörg Bürger


Phone +49 2195 6801-120
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Kevin Braumann


Phone +49 2195 6801-153
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